Friday, 9 March 2018

We are the Library Llamas!

It is exciting that we now have a new book club name...and as a bonus, a song and a dance - I didn't see those coming!  For the record, I believe that Tuesday's book club was the noisiest I have ever held.  But it was also a lot of fun!

I have set up our Youtube channel and posted our introductory video.  Here it is:

Don't forget to subscribe!  And don't forget that we need some library llama artwork for our blog and for the Youtube channel.  Make sure it is on nice plain paper, and for Youtube it will need to be a long rectangular shape.

At our next meeting on Tuesday, we will brainstorm ideas for segments for our new channel.  Get your thinking caps on, what kinds of videos do we want to make about books?

Mrs Simms

Thursday, 8 February 2018


Welcome to the 2018 Te Totara Book Club blog!

I'm very excited to have your help setting up our new Book Club Youtube channel.  Before our next meeting at lunchtime on Tuesday 20 February, it would be great if you could think of a name for our channel.  It might have something to do with kids, or books, or being from NZ, or something completely random!  We will have a vote to decide on the best name.

Below are some book videos made by other children.  You might like to have a look at some of them and analyse them:
  • Do you like the length of the videos?  Are they too long or too short?
  • How do the videos start and finish?  What do the presenters do and say?
  • Are the presenters standing or sitting?  Which do you prefer?
  • Which videos do you like best?  Why do you like them?
  • Do they give you any ideas for our channel? 

Have fun at camp next week!

Mrs Simms